For so many years I’ve been frustrated to tears over the lack of resources for people who aren’t in marathon shape. Fitness magazines and videos for men and women alike seem to assume we’re already in training for an Ironman. That’s not my life. If you’re not rubbing Crisco(R) all over yourself and hardcore tanning to prepare for a body building competition or want to punch people who obsess over that “stubborn last five pounds” that keep them from getting into a size 000, this may just be the blog for you.


Lisa, the creator of this blog, tells most people on the internet that she’s 22, blond and 105lbs but she won’t lie to you (cause you’re tight like that). She is a buxom 36 year old with brown, curly, unruly hair. She is unmarried, childless and has ample padding. She’ll tell you aaaaalllll about it…at length….especially if there’s a drink in her hand. She also occasionally likes to write about herself in the third person.

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